Matt's Product Development Process

My chief goal is to help you build a successful product. Take a look below for an overview of how I can help you achieve this.

Product Development Process

My product philosophy

Although I will strive to build your product quickly and efficiently, that doesn’t mean that I will sacrifice quality just to launch your product faster.

Quality is my #1 concern and I refuse to cut corners.

In fact, I only work with clients who value quality.

Why does software quality matter so much?

  • Badly written software takes longer to adapt and change, which ends up costing you more money and time.
    Being able to adapt to customer needs is vital for your business, but if your software is written badly from the beginning, your team will be spending most of their time fixing bugs instead of adding the new features that your customers are asking for.

  • Low quality software leads to dissatisfied customers and gives your business a bad reputation.
    Imagine spending all of your time and energy convincing new users to try your product, only to have them hate using it because of constant bugs, slow and sluggish behavior, and intermittent crashes. What chance will your company have of surviving if your brand becomes synonymous with a horrible customer experience?

  • Slow products are harder to market and rank in search engines.
    Did you know Google takes the speed of your web app into account when ranking it in search results? If your product isn’t built to be fast, kiss any chance of being a top search result goodbye. And how will anybody use your product if they can’t find it?

Clearly, spending a little extra time building quality software will not only save you money, but also preserve your reputation and increase the chances of your product succeeding.

I want to give my client’s the highest chance of success. That’s why I care about software quality so much.

My software development philosophy

When it comes to software development, I’m a big believer in the Agile Development process.

Agile is a philosophy that emphasizes constant evolution and improvement of the software under development, in order to move it towards solving your customer’s problems as quickly as possible.

By practicing Agile, I can ensure that you always have a working product that is useful to your customers.

Your software is never “coming soon” or “under construction”. It’s always in front of your customers, delivering value, solving their problems, and making you money.

The Agile Development Cycle

Development cycles of an Agile project take place over a series of 2 week “sprints”. These are short periods of concentrated design, coding, and testing, during which new features are added to your product.

At the end of each sprint, a new version of your product is released to your customers, ready for them to use and to give you feedback on.

Agile Development Cycle

Agile enables you to:

  • React to changes in the market quickly, beating your competition, and attracting more customers.
  • Immediately address problems with the product, which will help you keep your customers happy.
  • Swiftly add new features that will grow revenue.

Basically, the Agile process is perfectly suited to achieving your product goals as quickly as possible.

Sprint overview

During each sprint, features are added to your product in order of priority, so that your customers can access the most important functionality first.

By releasing software quickly and improving it in an incremental fashion week by week, you’re able to gather feedback from your customers and immediately discover what software features help them achieve their goals, and what features hinder them.

You can use this feedback to further refine the product during the next cycle of development, sculpting it to perfectly suit your customers’ needs.

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