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Bryce Matlashewski

Bryce is a co-founder of BouncerPass, an on-demand platform to connect nightclubs with VIP patrons.

After years of working in the nightclub industry, Bryce realized that bars and clubs were missing opportunities to gain more VIP guests. He wanted a platform that nightclub patrons could use to book VIP table service and VIP entry to a club in real-time from their mobile phones.

Bouncers at nightclubs would have their guest lists updated in real-time, allowing guests seamless entry into the venue.

Bryce and his co-founder heard about me through colleagues, and approached me to build their platform from the ground up.


After consulting with Bryce and his co-founder, I determined they would need a few key features:

  • Easy to use on tablets and mobiles
    They needed a system that would be easy to use on an iPad or mobile phone while in the hands of a nightclub bouncer, and that would require very little training for the bar staff.

  • On-demand mobile booking and issuance of digital passes
    The platform would need to display nearby bars to users, and allow them to book VIP services. "BouncerPasses" would be issued to users, which the doorman would scan upon their arrival at the club.

  • Doorman guest list management
    The doorman's view of the platform would be quite different from a regular user's view. It would allow the bouncer to check off guest upon their arrival, monitor their cover charge status, and to easily book tables and bottle service for them. It would be optimized for use on tablets and includes the ability to scan guest barcodes using a built-in camera. Club management also needed to monitor the guest list in real-time from their terminals in the nightclub office.


  • Responsive Single Page Application
    I built an intuitive web app that was easy to use for non-technical nightclub staff.
    This allowed the platform to be used on any device, and removed the need to spend money creating separate iOS and Android apps.

  • BouncerPass QR codes and VIP purchasing system
    I created "BouncerPasses" by generating unique QR barcodes on the back-end server, which the platform sends out by SMS. The bouncer can then scan the BouncerPasses using the iPad or mobile phone camera, and the app will check that guest off on the list. I also created a simple inventory system to allow nightclub management to limit the number of BouncerPasses available.
    This made the system super easy to use for both sides of the market, and brought extra revenue to nightclubs.

  • Table service Point of Sale system
    I created an intuitive User Interface to manage tables in the nightclub, which included an interactive nightclub floor plan. I integrated payment processors to allow patrons to pay for their VIP table service with credit cards.
    This made purchasing VIP services a snap, and helped increase nightclub revenue.

  • Completely real-time platform
    I used a real-time technology to keep multiple devices in sync and to update the guest list on all devices whenever it changed.
    This let bouncers, management, and guests know what was going on at all times, and increased trust in the system for everyone.

Technologies used

Ruby on Rails JavaScript / ES6 AngularJS Node.js Websockets MySQL Redis Sidekiq SCSS / CSS3 Full text search VPS QR codes Facebook API HAML / HTML5 RSpec

Founder's perspective

After successfully launching the BouncerPass platform, here's what Bryce had to say about my work:

Bryce Matlashewski

I'm so happy we chose to work with Matt. He understood our requirements perfectly, and built our platform from start to finish. Very reliable and always easy to communicate with. Clearly an expert in his field.

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