Marketplace & SaaS Platform Audit

A professional evaluation to troubleshoot and improve your two-sided product's strategy and development process

Fix technical and strategic problems | Reduce development costs | Increase revenue per user

This professional evaluation saves founders an average of $45,000 and 5 months of development time.

Have you experienced any of these problems?

  • You're having trouble attracting or retaining marketplace users.
  • Your team is missing deadlines or experiencing delays.
  • You're having issues communicating your vision to your development team.
  • Your product seems to be full of bugs.
  • You're not sure if your team is working on the right things.
  • Transactions between users are infrequent or low value.

If you've experienced any of these issues, it's time for a Marketplace & SaaS Platform Strategy and Development Audit.

Marketplace & Platform Audit

Save thousands of dollars and months of development time

Your audit will identify hidden issues affecting your product's strategy and development process, and provide you with actionable solutions to these problems.

Key benefits

  • Learn how to increase product quality, giving your users a more satisfying experience and increasing revenue.
  • Tweak your marketplace design to improve user retention and average transaction value.
  • Figure out how to prioritize and forecast work effectively, so that development runs smoothly.
  • Identify "easy wins" that will improve your process with minimal effort.

What is covered in the audit?

  • Product vision and business strategy
  • Two-sided marketplace strategy
  • Core transaction review
  • System architecture & software stack
  • Code quality
  • Project management process
  • Development process
  • Testing process
  • Deployment and Integration process
  • Quality Assurance process
  • Data modeling
  • Documentation
  • Monitoring
  • Disaster recovery & backup
  • Team issues & communication
  • Agile rituals & process

Who is this audit suitable for?

  • You have one or more development teams working on your project.
  • You think development could be going smoother.
  • You're having problems getting users to use your product or make enough transactions.

What are the deliverables?

You'll receive an in-depth audit of your marketplace and your entire development process.

Audit results will be presented as a PDF report, identifying areas where you excel, as well as suggestions and actionable steps for solving any problems that are uncovered.

How much does it cost? How long will it take?

Please get in touch for costs.

If your audit does not provide solutions to the problems you're facing, I will offer you a full refund.

Two weeks is the typical delivery time.

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